yarn @sentry/nextjs 7.35.0

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17 months ago

Session Replay is deprecating privacy options in favor of a more streamlined API. Please see the Replay migration guide for further information.
Additionally, the following configuration options will no longer be configurable: slimDOMOptions, recordCanvas, inlineStylesheet, collectFonts, inlineImages.

  • feat(browser): Track if cdn or npm bundle (#6976)
  • feat(core): Add aria label to breadcrumb attributes (#6955)
  • feat(core): Add Offline Transport wrapper (#6884)
  • feat(loader): Add SENTRY_SDK_SOURCE to track loader stats (#6985)
  • feat(loader): Sync loader with Sentry template (#7001)
  • feat(replay): Deprecate privacy options in favor of a new API, remove some recording options (#6645)
  • feat(replay): Move sample rate tags into event context (#6659)
  • fix(nextjs): Add isomorphic versions of ErrorBoundary, withErrorBoundary and showReportDialog (#6987)
  • fix(nextjs): Don't modify require calls in wrapping loader (#6979)
  • fix(nextjs): Don't share I/O resources in between requests (#6980)
  • fix(nextjs): Inject client config into _app instead of main (#7009)
  • fix(nextjs): Use Proxies to wrap to preserve static methods (#7002)
  • fix(replay): Catch style mutation handling & null events in rrweb (#7010)
  • fix(replay): Handle compression failures more robustly (#6988)
  • fix(replay): Only call scope.getLastBreadcrumb if available (#6969)
  • fix(utils): Account for null prototype during normalization (#6925)
  • ref(replay): Log warning if sample rates are all undefined (#6959)

Work in this release contributed by @boblauer. Thank you for your contribution!

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