yarn @sentry/nextjs 7.16.0

latest releases: 8.19.0, 8.18.0, 8.17.0...
21 months ago

This release adds the withSentryConfig feature to the Svelte SDK. It replaces the now deprecated Svelte componentTrackingPreprocessor which will be removed in the next major release.

  • feat(node): Export Span type from @sentry/types (#5982)
  • feat(svelte): Add withSentryConfig function to wrap User Svelte Configuration (#5936)
  • fix(nextjs): Correctly apply auto-instrumentation to pages in src folder (#5984)
  • fix(nextjs): Fix typing issue with withSentryConfig and NextConfig (#5967)
  • fix(react): Support root and wildcard routes in react router v6 (#5971)
  • fix(remix): Add yargs dependency for uploading sourcemaps (#5926)
  • fix(svelte): Track components without script tags (#5957)
  • fix(utils): Rename global.ts -> worldwide.ts (#5969)
  • fix(vue): Start pageload transaction earlier to capture missing spans (#5983)
  • ref(build): Remove constToVarPlugin (#5970)
  • ref(nextjs): Don't assert existance of pageProps in _app (#5945)
  • ref(utils): Deprecate getGlobalObject as it's no longer used (#5949)

Work in this release contributed by @jeengbe. Thank you for your contribution!

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