yarn @sentry/nextjs 7.12.0

latest releases: 8.18.0, 8.17.0, 8.16.0...
22 months ago

This release adds an environment check in @sentry/nextjs for Vercel deployments (using the VERCEL_ENV env variable), and only enables SentryWebpackPlugin if the environment is production. To override this, setting disableClientWebpackPlugin or disableServerWebpackPlugin to false now takes precedence over other checks, rather than being a no-op. Note: Overriding this is not recommended! It can increase build time and clog Release Health data in Sentry with inaccurate noise.

  • feat(nextjs): Create transactions in getInitialProps and getServerSideProps (#5593)
  • feat(nextjs): Instrument server-side getInitialProps of _app, _document and _error (#5604)
  • feat(node): Populate event.contexts for Node.js (#5512)
  • feat(svelte): Add Component Tracking (#5612)
  • fix(browser): use valid urls in Request checks (#5630)
  • fix(integrations): Don't add empty stack trace in RewriteFrames (#5625)
  • fix(nextjs): Start navigation transactions on same-route navigations (#5642)
  • fix(nextjs): Don't run webpack plugin on non-prod Vercel deployments (#5603)
  • fix(node): Avoid catching domain errors in request handler (#5627)
  • fix(serverless): Check for existence of callback in GCP event handler before calling (#5608)
  • ref(nextjs): Add warning about non-hidden sourcemaps (#5649)
  • ref(nextjs): Use proxy loader for wrapping all data-fetching functions (#5602)
  • ref(tracing): Remove mark measurements (#5605)
  • ref(tracing): Update long task description (#5601)
  • chore(svelte): Detect and report SvelteKit usage (#5594)

Work in this release contributed by @lucas-zimerman, @GJZwiers, and @mohd-akram. Thank you for your contributions!

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