yarn @sentry/nextjs 7.114.0

latest releases: 8.19.0, 8.18.0, 8.17.0...
2 months ago

Important Changes

  • fix(browser/v7): Continuously record CLS (#11935)

This release fixes a bug that caused the cumulative layout shift (CLS) web vital not to be reported in a majority of the
cases where it should have been reported. With this change, the CLS web vital should now always be reported for
pageloads with layout shift. If a pageload did not have layout shift, no CLS web vital should be reported.

Please note that upgrading the SDK to this version may cause data in your dashboards to drastically change.

Other Changes

  • build(aws-lambda/v7): Turn off lambda layer publishing (#11875)
  • feat(v7): Add tunnel support to multiplexed transport (#11851)
  • fix(opentelemetry-node): support HTTP_REQUEST_METHOD attribute (#11929)
  • fix(react/v7): Fix react router v4/v5 span names (#11940)

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