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4 months ago

Important Changes

  • feat(core): Allow to pass forceTransaction to startSpan() APIs (#10819)

You can now pass forceTransaction: true to startSpan(), startSpanManual() and startInactiveSpan(). This allows
you to start a span that you want to be a transaction, if possible. Under the hood, the SDK will connect this span to
the running active span (if there is one), but still send the new span as a transaction to the Sentry backend, if
possible, ensuring it shows up as a transaction throughout the system.

Please note that setting this to true does not guarantee that this will be sent as a transaction, but that the SDK
will try to do so. You can enable this flag if this span is important to you and you want to ensure that you can see it
in the Sentry UI.

Other Changes

  • fix: Make breadcrumbs option optional in WinterCGFetch integration (#10792)

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@sentry/browser (incl. Tracing, Replay, Feedback) - Webpack (gzipped) 78.54 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. Tracing, Replay) - Webpack (gzipped) 69.76 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. Tracing, Replay with Canvas) - Webpack (gzipped) 73.7 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. Tracing, Replay) - Webpack with treeshaking flags (gzipped) 63.38 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. Tracing) - Webpack (gzipped) 33.73 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. browserTracingIntegration) - Webpack (gzipped) 33.64 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. Feedback) - Webpack (gzipped) 31.38 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. sendFeedback) - Webpack (gzipped) 31.39 KB
@sentry/browser - Webpack (gzipped) 22.66 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. Tracing, Replay, Feedback) - ES6 CDN Bundle (gzipped) 76.78 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. Tracing, Replay) - ES6 CDN Bundle (gzipped) 68.28 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. Tracing) - ES6 CDN Bundle (gzipped) 34.08 KB
@sentry/browser - ES6 CDN Bundle (gzipped) 25.06 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. Tracing, Replay) - ES6 CDN Bundle (minified & uncompressed) 215.17 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. Tracing) - ES6 CDN Bundle (minified & uncompressed) 102.96 KB
@sentry/browser - ES6 CDN Bundle (minified & uncompressed) 75.27 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. Tracing) - ES5 CDN Bundle (gzipped) 37.25 KB
@sentry/react (incl. Tracing, Replay) - Webpack (gzipped) 70.14 KB
@sentry/react - Webpack (gzipped) 22.69 KB
@sentry/nextjs Client (incl. Tracing, Replay) - Webpack (gzipped) 87.86 KB
@sentry/nextjs Client - Webpack (gzipped) 52.05 KB
@sentry-internal/feedback - Webpack (gzipped) 17.24 KB

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