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Version 7 of the Sentry JavaScript SDK brings a variety of features and fixes including bundle size and performance improvements, brand new integrations, support for the attachments API, and key bug fixes.

This release does not change or remove any top level public API methods (captureException, captureMessage), and only requires changes to certain configuration options or custom clients/integrations/transports.

Note: The v7 version of the JavaScript SDK requires a self-hosted version of Sentry 20.6.0 or higher. If you are using a version of self-hosted Sentry (aka onpremise) older than 20.6.0 then you will need to upgrade.

For detailed overview of all the changes, please see our v7 migration guide.

Breaking Changes

If you are a regular consumer of the Sentry JavaScript SDK you only need to focus on the general items. The internal breaking changes are aimed at libraries that build on top of and extend the JavaScript SDK (like @sentry/electron or @sentry/react-native).


  • Updated CommonJS distributions to use ES6 by default. If you need to support Internet Explorer 11 or old Node.js versions, we recommend using a preprocessing tool like Babel to convert Sentry packages to ES5. (#5005)

  • Default bundle.min.js to ES6 instead of ES5. ES5 bundles are still available at bundle.es5.min.js. (#4958)

  • Updated build system to use TypeScript 3.8.3 (#4895)

  • Deprecated Severity enum for bundle size reasons. Please use string literals instead. (#4926)

  • Removed critical Severity level. (#5032)

  • whitelistUrls and blacklistUrls have been renamed to allowUrls and denyUrls in the Sentry.init() options. (#4850)

  • BaseClient and it's child classes now require transport, stackParser, and integrations to be explicitly passed in. This was done to improve tree-shakability. (#4927)

  • Updated package distribution structure and stopped distributing CDN bundles through @sentry/* npm packages. See details in our migration docs.. (#4900) (#4901)

  • Simplified Transport API. This means custom transports will have to be adjusted accordingly..

  • Updated how Node Transport Options are passed down.

  • Start propogating baggage HTTP header alongside sentry-trace header to propogate additional tracing related information.. (#5133)

  • Renamed registerRequestInstrumentation export to instrumentOutgoingRequests in @sentry/tracing. (#4859)

  • Renamed UserAgent integration to HttpContext. (#5027)

  • Replaced BrowserTracing integration's maxTransactionDuration option with finalTimeout option in the @sentry/tracing package and reset idleTimeout based on activities count. This should improve accuracy of web-vitals like LCP by 20-30%. (#5044)

  • Updated @sentry/angular to be compiled by the angular compiler. (#4641)

  • Made tracing package treeshakable (#5166)

  • Removed support for Node v6. (#4851)

  • Removed @sentry/minimal package in favour of using @sentry/hub. (#4971)

  • Removed support for Opera browser pre v15 (#4923)

  • Removed ignoreSentryErrors option from AWS lambda SDK. Errors originating from the SDK will now always be caught internally. (#4994)

  • Removed Integrations.BrowserTracing export from @sentry/nextjs. Please import BrowserTracing from @sentry/nextjs directly.

  • Removed static id property from BrowserTracing integration.

  • Removed SDK_NAME export from @sentry/browser, @sentry/node, @sentry/tracing and @sentry/vue packages. (#5040)

  • Removed Angular, Ember, and Vue integrations from @sentry/integrations in favour of the explicit framework packages: @sentry/angular, @sentry/ember, and @sentry/vue. (#4893)

  • Removed enums Status, RequestSessionStatus, and SessionStatus.. Deprecated enums SpanStatus and Severity. This was done to save on bundle size. (#4891) (#4889) (#4890)

  • Removed support for deprecated @sentry/apm package. (#4845)

  • Removed deprecated user field from DSN interface. publicKey should be used instead. (#4864)

  • Removed deprecated getActiveDomain method and DomainAsCarrier type from @sentry/hub. (#4858)

  • Removed eventStatusFromHttpCode to save on bundle size.

  • Removed usage of deprecated event.stacktrace field. (#4885)

  • Removed raven-node backward-compat code (#4942)

  • Removed showReportDialog method on BrowserClient (#4973)

  • Removed deprecated startSpan and child methods (#4849)

  • Removed deprecated frameContextLines options (#4884)

  • Removed Sentry from window in the Gatsby SDK (#4857)


  • Removed support for the store endpoint (#4969)
  • Made hint callback argument non-optional (#5141)
  • Switched to using new transports internally (#4943)
  • Removed API class from @sentry/core.. (#4848)
  • Refactored Session class to use a more functional approach.. (#5054)
  • Removed Backend class in favour of moving functionality into the Client class (for more details, see #4911 and #4919).
  • Removed forget async utility function (#4941)
  • Removed tslint from @sentry-internal/typescript (#4940)
  • Removed _invokeClient function from @sentry/hub (#4972)
  • Removed top level eventbuilder exports (#4887)
  • Added baggage API helpers in @sentry/utils (#5066)

Other Changes


  • feat(tracing): Add Prisma ORM integration. (#4931)

  • feat(react): Add react-router-v6 integration (#5042)

  • feat: Add attachments API (#5004)

  • feat: Add name field to EventProcessor (#4932)

  • feat: Expose configurable stack parser (#4902)

  • feat(tracing): Make setMeasurement public API (#4933)

  • feat(tracing): Add GB unit to device memory tag value (#4935)

  • feat: Export browser integrations individually (#5028)

  • feat(core): Send Baggage in Envelope Header (#5104)


  • fix(browser): Fix memory leak in addEventListener instrumentation (#5147)
  • fix(build): Fix express import in gcpfunction (#5097)
  • fix(ember): Export sha hashes of injected scripts (#5089)
  • fix(hub): Add missing parameter to captureException docstring (#5001)
  • fix(integrations): Mark ExtraErrorData as already normalized (#5053)
  • fix(serverless): Adjust v6 Lambda layer hotfix for v7 (#5006)
  • fix(tracing): Adjust sideEffects package.json entry for v7 (#4987)
  • fix(tracing): Remove isInstanceOf check in Hub constructor (#5046)
  • fix(tracing): Don't use querySelector when not available (#5160)
  • fix(nextjs): Update webpack-plugin and change how cli binary is detected. This should reduce bundle size of NextJS applications. (#4988)
  • fix(utils): Fix infinite recursion in dropUndefinedKeys (#5163)


  • feat(build): Vendor polyfills injected during build (#5051)
  • ref(build): Use rollup to build AWS lambda layer (#5146)
  • ref(core): Make event processing log warnings instead of errors (#5010)
  • ref(node): Allow node stack parser to work in browser context (#5135)
  • ref(serverless): Point DSN to relay in lambda extension (#5126)
  • ref(serverless): Do not throw on flush error (#5090)
  • ref(utils): Clean up dangerous type casts in object helper file (#5047)
  • ref(utils): Add logic to enable skipping of normalization (#5052)

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