yarn @sentry/nextjs 6.18.0

latest releases: 8.20.0, 8.19.0, 8.18.0...
2 years ago

This patch deprecates the frameContextLines option for the Node SDK. The migration documentation details how to migrate off the deprecated frameContextLines option.

  • fix(browser): Only set event.stacktrace if we have 1 or more frames (#4614)
  • fix(hub): keep hint event id if it's provided (#4577)
  • fix(nextjs): Use env variable for build detection (#4608)
  • ref(node): Refactor node source fetching into integration (#3729)
  • feat(serverless): Added ignoreSentryErrors option for AWS lambda (#4620)

Work in this release contributed by @GoshaEgorian and @ichina. Thank you for your contributions!

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