yarn @sentry/nextjs 6.17.5

latest releases: 8.19.0, 8.18.0, 8.17.0...
2 years ago

This release deprecates the Severity enum, the SeverityLevel type, and the internal SeverityLevels array, all from @sentry/types. In v7, Severity will disappear (in favor of SeverityLevel) and SeverityLevel and SeverityLevels will live in @sentry/utils. If you are using any of the three, we encourage you to migrate your usage now, using our migration guide.

  • ref: Export Session class from core/browser/node (#4508)
  • chore(nextjs): Bump@sentry/webpack-plugin to 1.18.5 (#4501)
  • ref(types): Move SeverityLevel and SeverityLevels to @sentry/utils (#4492)
  • fix(vue): Cast name parameter to string (#4483)

Work in this release contributed by @Bobakanoosh and @ssnielsen. Thank you for your contributions!

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