yarn @sentry/nextjs 6.17.0

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2 years ago

This release contains several internal refactors that help reduce the bundle size of the SDK and help prep for our upcoming major release. There are no breaking changes in this patch unless you are using our internal Dsn class, which has been removed. We also deprecated a few of our typescript enums and our internal API class. We've detailed in our migration documentation how to update your sdk usage if you are using any of these in your code.

  • feat: Remove Dsn class (#4325)
  • feat(core): Add processing metadata to scope and event (#4252)
  • feat(core): Deprecate API class (#4281)
  • feat(ember): Update ember dependencies (#4253)
  • fix(nextjs): Inject sentry.x.config.js into pages/_error (#4397)
  • fix(nextjs): Add sentry-cli existence check for enabling webpack plugin #4311
  • ref(tracing): deprecate span status enum (#4299)
  • ref(tracing): Remove script evaluation span (#4433)
  • ref(types): drop unused logLevel (#4317)
  • ref(types): deprecate request status enum (#4316)
  • ref(types): deprecate outcome enum (#4315)
  • ref(types): deprecate transactionmethod enum (#4314)
  • ref(types): deprecate status enum (#4298)
  • ref(utils): improve invalid dsn error message (#4430)
  • fix(vue): Prioritize app variable to avoid duplicate name pollution (#4437)

Work in this release contributed by @yordis, @Badisi, and @lh1me. Thank you for your contribution!

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