yarn @reduxjs/toolkit 1.3.5

This release adds the ability to cancel async thunks before execution, improves TS thunk types, and fixes a broken middleware option name change.


Async Thunk Cancellation

The createAsyncThunk API already had support for signaling cancellation of in-progress requests via an AbortController. However, there was no way to skip executing the payload creator callback itself, or skip dispatching the pending action.

We've added a condition option to createAsyncThunk that allows you to run checks before the payload creator is executed, and bail out of the thunk entirely if desired by returning false:

const fetchUserById = createAsyncThunk(
  async (userId, thunkAPI) => {
    const response = await userAPI.fetchById(userId)
    return response.data
    condition: (userId, { getState, extra }) => {
      const { users } = getState()
      const fetchStatus = users.requests[userId]
      if (fetchStatus === 'fulfilled' || fetchStatus === 'loading') {
        // Already fetched or in progress, don't need to re-fetch
        return false

Thunk Typing Improvements

We've updated the createAsyncThunk TS types to fix an issue when there is no thunk argument, and to make it easier to wrap createAsyncThunk in your own abstractions. See #486 / #489 for the issues and #502 / #512 for the updates.

Immutable Middleware Options

When we inlined the immutable check middleware, we ended up changing the ignore option name to ignoredPaths. We've added handling for ignore for backwards compatibility just in case anyone was relying on that. We've also better documented the options for the serializable check middleware. See #491, #492, and #510 .


  • allow to skip AsyncThunks using a condition callback (@phryneas - #513)
  • payloadCreator arg argument => asyncThunk arg type (@phryneas - #502)
  • export AsyncThunkPayloadCreator type (@phryneas - #512)
  • Update docs, add test, alias ignore->ignoredPaths (@msutkowski - #492)
  • Add missing parameters to docs for serializable middleware (@msutkowski - #510)


latest releases: 1.5.0, 1.4.0, 1.3.6...
7 months ago