yarn @reduxjs/toolkit 1.3.4

This release updates our internal nanoid implementation, and exports it for general usage.


Export nanoid

The new createAsyncThunk API we added in v1.3.0 auto-generates a unique request ID every time it's called, so that your reducers can distinguish between separate calls if necessary. To do this, we inlined a copy of the nanoid/non-secure API into RTK.

The nanoid library just released a new version, so we've updated our inlined copy to match the implementation of nanoid/non-secure as of 3.0.2.

Since the API is already in the codebase, we've exported it publicly in case it's useful. Usage:

import { nanoid } from '@reduxjs/toolkit'

// 'dgPXxUz_6fWIQBD8XmiSy'


  • Update nanoid and export it (@markerikson - #481)


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6 months ago