yarn @nrwl/workspace 10.2.1
Release 10.2.1

Bug Fixes

  • angular: properly generate storybook stories across barrel files (#3662) (929f2f4)
  • core: allow-tsconfig.json for project graph (ed79761)
  • core: correctly alias format:write to format (ebe49c7)
  • core: update version of yargs-parser (#3754) (14987f9)
  • misc: updates the mv schematic to cope with libs created with --importPath (001b6ee), closes #3476
  • misc: upgrade version of yargs-parser (#3751) (c510cdd), closes #3105
  • node: remove the edge from the node package to angular (3e3b4be)
  • node: set noEmitOnError to always true, and show diagnostic messages from ts (#3697) (87ded43)
  • storybook: tsconfig extends mapping (d34c3e6)


  • angular: update jest-preset-angular library to v8.3.1 (d07ab51)
  • core: adds ability for outputs to be files and not just folders (b548f1a)
  • core: fix typo on ci config (#3721) (faf451a)
  • web: added rollup json plugin to web package builder (#3666) (434cb21)
latest releases: 10.3.2-beta.1, 10.4.0-beta.1, 10.3.1...
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