yarn @nrwl/cypress 9.6.0
Release 9.6.0

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2 years ago

Bug Fixes

  • angular: show a nicer error when running nx in an angular workspace (d074f45)
  • core: add a workaround for potential bugs in git hasher (#3521) (237d508)
  • core: create-nx-workspace preset and cli params should work with spaces (74a61e7)
  • core: create-nx-workspace uses a unix-style path on windows (1d8f901)
  • core: do not print warnings for print-affected (34e6c14)
  • core: dont override sigint (4f22832)
  • core: explicitly store workspace files instead of deriving them from hashes (17d78c0)
  • core: fix crosshair icon for dep-graph (c8eb86d)
  • core: fix dep-graph crosshair svg not available (#3362) (d021876)
  • core: generate proper cli command in lib readme (fdd9099)
  • core: git hasher should handle file that are both renamed and modified (be42a10)
  • core: handle git renames and spaces in filenames when doing git hashing (7e9587f)
  • core: honor workspace layout with workspace move schematic (8f62e8d)
  • core: increase maxBuffer when invoking git to get file hashes (2871bd1)
  • core: override --prod with --configuration (9699214)
  • core: properly resolve tsconfig when serving from project root (#3403) (93fab26)
  • core: remove an unnecessary npm install when connecting to cloud (291a918)
  • core: remove defaultProject in workspace when removing project (5abd0d1), closes #3511
  • core: remove deleted files from git-hashers result (1777f5b)
  • core: respect nxignore when using git hashing (464d13e)
  • core: sort files before creating project graph to make stable hashes (b0ada64)
  • core: tests (c16c161)
  • core: update copy-webpack-plugin (#3514) (0351ade), closes #3506
  • core: with-deps should handle circular dependencies (020d2e1)
  • misc: add regex pattern to schematics to prevent empty app/lib creation (#3396) (fa9c790), closes #2924
  • misc: fix exit code for running nx outside of a workspace (3f18eab)
  • misc: workspace-lint should respect nested gitignores (496534d)
  • react: add babel plugin for styled-jsx for libs (#3441) (5927a5b)
  • react: move url-loader to the react package.json (#3356) (d7f1a03)
  • react: remove empty space from describe name (#3504) (b170e81)
  • repo: fix e2e test (00de5d8)
  • repo: fix unit test script (fc1ba0a)
  • testing: builder should let baseUrl option take precidence if present (#3487) (5f637f8)
  • web: remove duplicate copy webpack plugin (#3556) (a0d501b)


  • core: add perf logging (353a9d9)
  • core: redesign workspace file hashing (9a2341a)
  • core: use custom output logging for configuration out of sync errors (6ee1dda)
  • storybook: add docs mode option to dev server builder (#2882) (5109068), closes #3147
  • testing: pass ignoreTestFiles to cypress builder (34847aa), closes #3439
  • testing: pass reporter and reporterOptions to cypress builder (#3536) (aa6ea72)

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