yarn @nrwl/cypress 9.4.0
Release 9.4.0

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2 years ago

Bug Fixes

  • angular: always append ngcc postinstall script (13280b5)
  • angular: fix angular cli decoration for windows (e923ae6)
  • angular: fix decorate-angular-cli script to path index file (5d6cd1a)
  • core: add dep-graph assets to build output (#3122) (7e7a025)
  • core: decorate cli postinstall script doen not work on windows (842e458)
  • core: fix 9.4 lint migrations (#3126) (014dc49)
  • core: fix module resolution in project locator (#2941) (b5025ef)
  • core: handle edge cases when a task process is killed (b8a7142)
  • core: handle empty list of cacheable targets (acf92e4)
  • core: handle passing arrays as arguments (a6220f7)
  • core: hash package.json files from node_modules more selectively (4224ab9)
  • core: make sure remove schematic respects gitignore (693544f)
  • core: set NX_CLI_SET when running any command (e5f8ac2)
  • core: split namespace for library dependencies (#3073) (b9fd69b)
  • core: support --only-failed option with run-many command (#3054) (6e79f25)
  • core: update decorate script to implement a more reliable way of "symlinking' on windows (71690c0)
  • core: use typescript module resolution for linting (#3075) (3a4a3be)
  • linter: fix broken unit test (bb7af3b)
  • linter: fix dependencies from projects on themselves when another circular dependency exists (#3163) (fc61fcb)
  • linter: fix exclude pattern for tslint and eslint schematics (#3113) (5a59f09)
  • linter: remove config builder option for @nrwl/linter:lint when using eslint (#3093) (c2b8c22)
  • misc: fix run-command schematic to not error when no architect section (0cd4cdf)
  • misc: several misc fixes (690be20)
  • nextjs: add migration for renaming next/dev-server to next/server in workspace.json (#3040) (f5181ba), closes #3039
  • nextjs: copy public folder to dist when building Next app (#3047) (bd5ca7d), closes #3019
  • nextjs: fix path to migration file for nextjs dev server rename (#3046) (9fba335)
  • react: add emotion babel preset during migration (#3127) (539c65c)
  • react: add React dependencies to package.json when adding a library (#3146) (88a8b7c), closes #2188
  • react: exposed the crossOrigin option for web builder options (#2830) (25432a6)
  • react: remove console.log (#3124) (53f7ec3)
  • repo: cache the results of all npm installs to speed up e2e tests (0c4c39f)
  • repo: capture stderr when running e2e tests (9f4c95b)
  • repo: capture stderr when runnning e2e tests (90f099c)
  • repo: fix e2e scripts to rebuild all on master (a211d27)
  • repo: misc fixes to stabilize e2e tests (d84a2bd)
  • repo: reorder CI ci to run most valuable steps first (#3060) (ba3f49c)
  • testing: add coverage as alias of code-coverage (#3010) (b42f0a8)
  • testing: add Cypress ESLint plugin (#2977) (3b14269)
  • testing: do not add cypress-eslint-plugin if eslint not used (#3162) (0d9b8bb)
  • testing: fix generating cypress-project with no project specified (#2965) (1f90080)
  • testing: update maxWorkers jest builder option to support string type (#3025) (3ecf6ea), closes #2871
  • testing: use readWorkspace for getting the workspace file (#3160) (807fd6f)


  • angular: add a script to warn when ng is used instead of nx (260f73a)
  • angular: add addModuleSpec flag to library schematic + refactor (319f7d0)
  • angular: add preserveAngularCLILayout option to ng-add (48d953e)
  • core: add a prompt asking to connect to free tier of Nx Cloud (11e57ea)
  • core: add an option to connect to free distributed caching (d97d760)
  • core: add nx cloud to the new workspace readme (#2945) (2605836)
  • core: decorate angular cli when creating workspaces powered by Angular CLI (41e4714)
  • core: generate static website with dep-graph --file=foldername.html (#3049) (dbda2b8), closes #3048 #2005
  • core: load root .env in all nx processes (#3081) (6384bde)
  • core: support different workspace layouts (a95cba3)
  • core: support other targets but build that require strict ordering (606ad29)
  • core: throw an error when projects have conflicting names (#2997) (bdbd12d)
  • linter: add quiet option for eslint (43460cc)
  • linter: adds maxWarnings to builder (#3071) (7f5f227), closes #2762
  • misc: add an option not to update package.json files when building libs (2a3116f)
  • misc: improve the ux of the run-commands builder (#3092) (2c96d7a)
  • nx-plugin: use package and e2e folder instead of libs and apps in create-nx-plugin command (#3120) (68ea2de)
  • react: add jsx-no-useless-fragment warning to lint rules (#3159) (d17d437), closes #2432
  • react: change browserslist file name into .browserslistrc (#2894) (0f21359), closes #2893
  • react: copy README when building libraries (#3091) (e7297f5)
  • react: make React schematics use babel-jest by default (#3154) (2700cb7)
  • react: refactored babel support so options are more easily customized (#3058) (0e03627)
  • react: refactored babel support so options are more easily customized (#3089) (d593153)
  • repo: add detailed instructions on how to publish to local registry (c228ea6)
  • repo: add tests for create-nx-workspace (#3000) (ec1dfba)
  • repo: build nx with nx (d0cbc35)
  • repo: create issue templates to help organize issues (#3061) (416e3eb)
  • repo: run e2e tests using nx (e71ceba)
  • repo: update circle config to ues nx cloud in prs (6c7b8a2)
  • repo: use pretty-quick for prepush (#3008) (31b83ab)

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