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18.3.3 (2024-04-20)

🩹 Fixes

  • angular: fix loading postcss configuration in ng-packagr executors (#22900)
  • core: group command exit listeners to avoid warning (#22892)
  • core: handle plugin errors from isolation correctly (#22890)
  • core: disable pty on windows until stable (#22910)
  • core: fix cursor being hidden and process shutdown for ctrl c (#22895)
  • misc: add --verbose support to nx graph (#22889)
  • misc: mark migration for escaping env vars as skipped in nx repair (#22916)
  • misc: don't clear node_modules require cache (#22907)
  • testing: bust require cache in jest plugin so configs reload (#22893)
  • vue: do not add verbatimImportSyntax to tsconfig (#22905)

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