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10 days ago

15.9.0-beta.5 (2023-03-17)

Bug Fixes

  • core: combine serial and parallel execution + forward sigint to child process (#13885) (fd11334)
  • core: start path to supporting esm modules (#15684) (616f0f0)
  • core: use relative paths for socket path (#10896) (f60f8cd)
  • js: do not run prettier when we can run formatFiles (#15740) (4d9df3d)
  • misc: do not create apps libs for standalone presets (#15741) (9885ec3)
  • testing: use es2016 for jest-preset-angular projects (#15646) (1bca347)


  • core: add entry file for create-nx-workspace (#15610) (129cbed)
  • core: add support for NX_DEFAULT_PROJECT env variable (#15549) (0af052b)

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