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15.9.0-beta.0 (2023-03-10)

Bug Fixes

  • angular: fix rxjs package updates and ensure peer deps are installed before other migrations (#15458) (fba34ca)
  • angular: misc fixes in some generator schemas (#15602) (46b3767)
  • angular: prevent updating unchanged projects when syncing changes to the wrapped tree (#15503) (f7367ff)
  • angular: respect cli config and schematics defaults in ng cli adapter (#15510) (bfdd2eb)
  • angular: sync missing schema changes in builders (#15600) (6c9a0e3)
  • bundling: default Node scriptType to CommonJS since it has the widest compatibility (#15483) (d7cd153)
  • bundling: use a range rather than ^ for vitest peer dependency … (#15362) (b7ef261)
  • core: add missing await when migrating monorepo to nx (#15554) (3463349)
  • core: add warning if running on an outdated global installation (#15408) (e773bdb)
  • core: catch all lock file parsing/pruning errors and provide fallback (#15158) (5d69c4e)
  • core: do not return a default project when nxJson is undefined (#15432) (17a0d2c)
  • core: encapsulated nx repos should invoke wrapper when invoked via npx or global install (#15337) (c9244d2)
  • core: ensure correct $schema path is generated when adding project configuration (#15463) (02a450e)
  • core: handle .nxignore properly for the native hasher (#15420) (b0ab036)
  • core: handle file renames properly for affected (#15340) (7aac67c)
  • core: inline source maps for local nx plugins (#15336) (b87f838)
  • core: interactive migrations should be prompt when necessary (#15572) (4a8b7ed)
  • core: issue with registering file dependencies (#15523) (ac9c7e9)
  • core: last project should be visible in nx show projects (#15335) (0aff9dc)
  • core: mark package.json dependencies as static (#15381) (aaed63b)
  • core: nx migrate should work in encapsulated Nx repos (#15338) (4a53ace)
  • core: plugin should not override existing external nodes (#15219) (9a014c7)
  • core: properly diff json from the merge-base (#15476) (ffac350)
  • core: refactor the logging logic in e2e tests (#15548) (a0e00c8)
  • core: shutdown the daemon when it is invalid (#15550) (ad12ab2)
  • core: standardize chunking elements passing to cli (#15322) (bf08714)
  • core: use globbing also for workspace file patterns without '*' (#11298) (a43a99b)
  • core: use smarter hoisting of npm packages (#15502) (8d3f2bd)
  • devkit: allow ensured packages to resolve from workspace node_mo… (#15386) (66f498a)
  • js: fix parsing link dependencies in yarn (#15364) (65aac8e)
  • js: handle swcrc path mappings if specified (#15328) (c981ac2)
  • js: integrate buildable bundler and compiler options (#15376) (b84125f)
  • js: libraries should be buildable by default (#15533) (16ad308)
  • linter: ensure ast file detection supports tsx files (#15345) (e767fa4)
  • misc: ci workflow generator use correct default branch (#15487) (fc75166)
  • misc: restore tsconfig utils as deprecated in @nrwl/workspace (#15409) (c956435)
  • node: add default build configuration (#15542) (a69f8ab)
  • node: lint generator aware that app is root (#15355) (b40c9fa)
  • nx-plugin: e2e utils should work (#15397) (a4a9c27)
  • nx-plugin: run jest 29 migrations for @nrwl/nx-plugin:e2e (#15551) (a67baaa)
  • react: fixes library type not passed to the module federation conf (#15385) (c054251)
  • repo: disable long running manual dispatch (#15575) (4c9a2ee)
  • repo: improve nightly workflow setup (#15358) (f6dd441)
  • storybook: better detection of failed migrations (#15588) (c7525b4)
  • storybook: fix the path to the template file (#15565) (eebadef)
  • testing: fix generated testMatch pattern in jest config to support windows (#15415) (5e12d05)
  • testing: only install dependency for the desired --testEnvironment (#15244) (2d2804b)
  • testing: type the jest nx preset (#15404) (456391e)
  • testing: walk all project deps to check if CT project is used in buildTarget (#15252) (e8f19d8)
  • vite: add missing types for tsconfigs (#15260) (2e449da)
  • vite: root for running the builder (#15359) (3d4e542)
  • web: update snapshots from vite tsconfig changes (#15398) (76fcf7a)


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