yarn @nrwl/cypress 15.8.7

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10 days ago

15.8.7 (2023-03-17)

Bug Fixes

  • angular: resolve browserTarget options correctly in webpack-dev-server (#15638) (5214ea9)
  • angular: throw error for invalid project name in withModuleFederation helper (#15694) (932ed44)
  • core: apply nxignore after gitignore (#15679) (996a690)
  • core: clear line escape code shouldn't erase prefix in output (#15674) (2b97817)
  • core: fix invalid yarn parser dependencies grouping key (#15647) (336ed03)
  • core: fix NX_TASK_TARGET_CONFIGURATION being set to 'null' (#15725) (143d8d3)
  • core: fix pnpm hoisted dependencies resolution with hoisted node-linker (#15594) (d0e831e)
  • core: handle missing package version on lockfile parsing (#15648) (699a355)
  • core: help text shouldn't include .js file extensions on windows (#15677) (17e4194)
  • core: ignore missing modules.yaml during postinstall (#15660) (cd35a0c)
  • core: include target and configuration being run in env variables (#15668) (27b0a29)
  • core: negative implicit dependencies should exclude statically detected dependencies (#15546) (4dd0d97)
  • core: nx migrate should accept tags other than latest and next for community packages (#15673) (47fdc35)
  • core: only perform pattern matching if file input doesn't exist (#15640) (f32eee9)
  • core: prevent running arbitrary code when attempting to detect plugin capabilities (#15676) (c3d5041)
  • core: wildcard implicit dependency should support scoped project names (#15699) (3811844)
  • misc: cli - case in drive letters - windows (#15643) (5b56bbe)
  • misc: filter out deps early based on shared config from module federation (#15654) (6e49fae)
  • misc: handle standalone repos when removing nested projects (#15609) (cb5b5b2)
  • misc: move generator should null-check cypress props (#15436) (138c920)
  • nextjs: refactor how webpack config is loaded with nextjs (#15650) (b81c398)
  • react: fix merge conflict for import (aabd76f)
  • react: fix next import (#15724) (7d34a05)
  • vite: add configuration option for emptyOutDir (#15619) (ccd213b)
  • vite: configuration docs and optional chain targets (#15655) (36bc8fa)

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