yarn @nrwl/cypress 15.8.6

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10 days ago

15.8.6 (2023-03-10)

Bug Fixes

  • angular: misc fixes in some generator schemas (#15602) (ed362e8)
  • angular: prevent updating unchanged projects when syncing changes to the wrapped tree (#15503) (d7ba8db)
  • angular: respect cli config and schematics defaults in ng cli adapter (#15510) (081c2d7)
  • bundling: default Node scriptType to CommonJS since it has the widest compatibility (#15483) (d4a0554)
  • core: catch all lock file parsing/pruning errors and provide fallback (#15158) (b5ea35c)
  • core: ensure correct $schema path is generated when adding project configuration (#15463) (ef5a979)
  • core: interactive migrations should be prompt when necessary (#15572) (937516c)
  • core: issue with registering file dependencies (#15523) (14121a0)
  • core: properly diff json from the merge-base (#15476) (6c34f40)
  • core: refactor the logging logic in e2e tests (#15548) (9c84e1d)
  • core: shutdown the daemon when it is invalid (#15550) (49b04b0)
  • core: use smarter hoisting of npm packages (#15502) (6e0a1e2)
  • js: libraries should be buildable by default (#15533) (27a3cb0)
  • misc: ci workflow generator use correct default branch (#15487) (ba53770)
  • node: add default build configuration (#15542) (ebb130d)

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