yarn @nrwl/cypress 15.8.2

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18 days ago

15.8.2 (2023-03-02)

Bug Fixes

  • bundling: use a range rather than ^ for vitest peer dependency … (#15362) (c06edd9)
  • core: encapsulated nx repos should invoke wrapper when invoked via npx or global install (#15337) (bf9844e)
  • core: handle file renames properly for affected (#15340) (f111580)
  • core: inline source maps for local nx plugins (#15336) (e9a59d6)
  • core: mark package.json dependencies as static (#15381) (04a3864)
  • js: fix parsing link dependencies in yarn (#15364) (c351b34)
  • js: handle swcrc path mappings if specified (#15328) (5ba8d5a)
  • linter: ensure ast file detection supports tsx files (#15345) (6c86cb7)
  • node: lint generator aware that app is root (#15355) (18ff2db)
  • testing: only install dependency for the desired --testEnvironment (#15244) (908cf41)
  • testing: walk all project deps to check if CT project is used in buildTarget (#15252) (2f8ca66)
  • vite: root for running the builder (#15359) (f1de248)

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