yarn @nrwl/cypress 15.8.0-beta.8

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24 days ago

15.8.0-beta.8 (2023-02-27)

Bug Fixes

  • bundling: allow transitive external packages to be specified tha… (#15289) (17e6bde)
  • core: do not add typescript in new empty repos (#15163) (3d4f590)
  • core: nx migrate should not prompt if on CI server (#15256) (0a9c200)
  • core: remove logs on missing hoisted package (#15295) (729ff7e)
  • devkit: ensure readTargetOptions is compatible with nx supported range (#15296) (50c0dac)
  • js: update migration to point to 15.8.0 instead of 15.8.1 (#15303) (430afe3)
  • linter: init should succeed if project has null targets (#15255) (a60bfc2)
  • misc: fix description for @nrwl/workspace:fix-configuration (#15302) (ee3413b)
  • react-native: fix the android error for react-native-config (#15290) (0f313e5)


  • misc: add the ability to vary parallel between tasks runner invocations (825ba04)
  • react: update React packages and types (#15300) (346f5f9)

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