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24 days ago

15.8.0-beta.6 (2023-02-24)

Bug Fixes

  • angular: make webpack-browser executor watch changes correctly in incremental builds setups (#15222) (b488f64)
  • angular: ngrx should attach to parent routes correctly (#15221) (88199e5)
  • angular: show actionable error when component resource is not found in ng-packagr executors (#15217) (12fff86)
  • bundling: copy initial assets correctly in watch mode for esbuild (#15230) (53a1c42)
  • core: add hash to external nodes while parsing lock-file (#15218) (8579ce5)
  • core: do not expect each package to have hoisted version (#15229) (3be23e0)
  • core: nx list should work as expected in encapsulated repo (#15200) (8a58cdd)
  • js: use .swcrc for swcrc path for swc lib (#15205) (281881d)
  • node: use shorter run-commands options for docker-build (#15224) (c08823a)
  • node: use shorthand run-commands for docker build (#15231) (65b1cdd)
  • react: do not overwrite package.json start script (#15091) (00c858e)
  • react: typo in next.config.js__tmpl__ (#15210) (bf7ae6d)
  • react: update types for "@nrwl/react/plugins/webpack" for projec… (#15235) (d8f9f32)
  • testing: automatically enable coverage with --coverage flag for vitest (#15204) (5bc73d3)
  • testing: use root preset for snapshot config changes first (#15237) (8c7a27f)


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