yarn @nrwl/cypress 15.8.0-beta.3

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26 days ago

15.8.0-beta.3 (2023-02-22)

Bug Fixes

  • angular: add routes correctly (#15171) (0f95773)
  • angular: allow boolean usage of the prompts (#15083) (e053e06)
  • bundling: libs generated with @nrwl/js:lib --bundler rollup should build (#15179) (73bc2e1)
  • core: fix lock file parsing issues (#15052) (f71865f)
  • core: generator prompt should not throw in encapsulated mode (#15182) (902f644)
  • core: target project locator should handle node:module imports (#15104) (3b5adfd)
  • core: workspaceRoot/node_modules/.bin should be in path during nx exec (#15165) (7a1bc34)
  • detox: Update rn and expo buildTargets (#15073) (828eff7)
  • js: default build should work when rollup is selected (#14971) (eb977bf)
  • js: refactor ensurePackage (#15074) (fa6e8ea)
  • linter: check for source package.json on banTransitiveDependencies (#15169) (bacd875)
  • misc: remove generator should not warn of nested projects on windows for non-nested-project (#15162) (356ce90)
  • react: fix skipRemotes in moduleFederationDevServer (#14172) (ba73775)


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