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15.8.0-beta.2 (2023-02-21)

Bug Fixes

  • angular: handle projects without name in angular cli adapter (#15089) (2011e29)
  • angular: support large buffers in angular cli adapter (#15082) (a1a1cda)
  • angular: use sync host when generating code with angular cli schematics (#15137) (891e7e6)
  • angular: write config correctly when using the angular cli adapter (#15133) (61e28c6)
  • core: fix setting of the interactive env var (#15084) (2a76e20)
  • core: misc encapuslated mode fixes (#15075) (804cb95)
  • core: normalize project config paths to properly match them when combining them (#15149) (3b056e5)
  • core: nx plugin cache should load new plugins (#15072) (e575c49)
  • js: do not generate tsconfig.base.json when creating standalone projects (#15099) (71fd015)
  • misc: isCI should return a boolean (2899b3a)
  • node: support custom import paths based on tsconfig when building node apps (#15154) (a45d52e)
  • nx-plugin: local plugin execution should work with ts-node (#15066) (6ff04d5)
  • react: install @nrwl/webpack when migrating (#15062) (bb51e98)
  • webpack: add babelUpwardRootMode (#15061) (5d54f71)
  • webpack: restore supporting a configuration array (#14977) (2a77436)


  • angular: prompt users for standalone components in application (#14987) (1e6a4f8)
  • core: add a command to run tasks imperatively (9a18f68)
  • core: add full dependency information to project graph file dependencies (#14893) (8d4855d)
  • core: migrate command can succeed if no migrations.json using flag --if-exists (#14578) (0f92f52)
  • core: support collecting migrations excluding the already applied ones (#14968) (cde7cf9)
  • core: use the native hasher by default (#15071) (7d80f25)
  • misc: support ts 4.9 (#14899) (3a98c6d)
  • node: add support for workspace libs when not bundling (#15069) (40007a1)
  • node: create fastify setup closer to what fastify-cli creates (#15096) (bce05ae)
  • nx-plugin: add lint option for the e2e generator (#15140) (b8e6679)
  • react-native: run-android support --active-arch-only flag (#15050) (b7272e3)
  • webpack: update less to v4.1.3 (#15048) (0c230c8)

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