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15.8.0-beta.1 (2023-02-16)

Bug Fixes

  • angular: bump generated rxjs version (#15054) (0385682)
  • core: run migrations with sync host (#15010) (3eeb4a3)
  • js: don't read dependency package.json if it doesn't exist (#15037) (497a90e)
  • react: add override to class component render() method (#13743) (15d5acd)
  • storybook: dont touch config if is already using new schema (#15056) (3d89a02)
  • storybook: make v7 generator ignore uiFramework (#15023) (a364dab)
  • vite: explicitly export type instead of a value from d.ts files (#15029) (8ce0b3c)


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