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15.7.2 (2023-02-17)

Bug Fixes

  • angular: bump generated rxjs version (#15054) (9c154c5)
  • angular: handle projects without name in angular cli adapter (#15089) (d430a65)
  • angular: support large buffers in angular cli adapter (#15082) (aa59b4a)
  • core: fix setting of the interactive env var (#15084) (c9c640b)
  • core: nx plugin cache should load new plugins (#15072) (ea5e7f3)
  • core: run migrations with sync host (#15010) (e7d4a5e)
  • core: support decorators in local executor and generator runs (#15025) (6284ec5)
  • js: don't read dependency package.json if it doesn't exist (#15037) (22eb66b)
  • linter: add node_modules to linter ignore patterns (#14980) (fb440ab)
  • misc: isCI should return a boolean (bb1d51b)
  • nx-plugin: local plugin execution should work with ts-node (#15066) (2747380)
  • react: add override to class component render() method (#13743) (d8963ea)
  • react: install @nrwl/webpack when migrating (#15062) (c3eb66f)
  • storybook: dont fail migration if stories array is missing (#15017) (f47a59a)
  • storybook: dont touch config if is already using new schema (#15056) (ff469ad)
  • storybook: make v7 generator ignore uiFramework (#15023) (9f28951)
  • vite: explicitly export type instead of a value from d.ts files (#15029) (4095b95)
  • webpack: add babelUpwardRootMode (#15061) (2fbc152)
  • webpack: restore supporting a configuration array (#14977) (609867c)


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