yarn @nrwl/cypress 15.7.1

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15.7.1 (2023-02-15)

Bug Fixes

  • angular: ensure peer deps are installed when initializing the plugin (#14906) (27e43d0)
  • core: correctly set default configuration name for dependent tasks (7954426)
  • core: do not always use yarn as package manager in the gitlab ci t… (#14978) (14cd02b)
  • core: local plugins should work under yarn workspaces (#14995) (7cbb282)
  • core: skip peer deps from devDependencies on createPackageJson (#14958) (c21e9fb)
  • core: sort --help output by flag priority (#14869) (ff2c50c)
  • js: remove plugins from esbuild will be done as a feature (#14997) (a276bcd)
  • linter: ng-package.json format (#14996) (3b5df23)
  • misc: fix moving a project into a subfolder (#14988) (bb2e790)
  • storybook: v7 vite settings docs remove rootMain (#14992) (298f719)
  • vite: set root and path on dts plugin (#14964) (5c6497e)


  • bundling: make rollup executor return outfile for node executor (#14989) (ed0e6c7)
  • core: allow loading env vars by target and configuration (#14998) (68d0943)
  • linter: add support for full regexes in tag matching (#14982) (de3e504)

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