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15.7.0-beta.6 (2023-02-14)

Bug Fixes

  • angular: add missing ts 4.8.2+ requirement to angular v15 update (#14934) (c712949)
  • angular: fallback to buildTarget.options if no configuration provided (#14952) (91117c9)
  • angular: fix safari tp support and include last 2 chrome version in browserslist in ng-packgr executors (#14902) (09670c7)
  • angular: unit test runner none should skip tests (#14916) (066c3b1)
  • bundling: add a deprecation warning for users to update their project config before Nx 16 (#14913) (47a4ff4)
  • core: nesting npm lock file deps should support multi nests (#14949) (8d0c09f)
  • core: remove Windows cmd window popups (#14965) (5261621)
  • core: support wildcard and latest for pruning version normalization (#14948) (41a8040)
  • core: tsconfig.base.json module setting should not break local plugins (#14610) (b2df831)
  • devkit: fix support renaming directories with the tree (#14973) (1aa9b17)
  • expo: fix the prebuild command in expo (#14922) (b1b36e9)
  • misc: make ts 4.8 update optional and add missing angular requirements (#14918) (005eb56)
  • misc: throw an error when removing unsafe projects (#14927) (d094e3a)
  • node: add missing .swcrc file for node libs (#14925) (2fbe1bd)
  • node: Update Proxy config port number (#14919) (4cb9ff8)
  • react: dont update lint and react-router if skipPackageJson is set (#14900) (f066ff7)
  • storybook: fix the no-root migration (#14914) (496620e)
  • webpack: ensure NODE_ENV is defaulted to development for dev-server, and HMR works (#14915) (db7ee99)
  • webpack: filter out .hot-update.js files from index.html (#14917) (ad83434)
  • webpack: pass the correct config to user when isolatedConfig=false (#14912) (7185c5f)


  • angular: add routing option to CNW (#14845) (abece6a)
  • core: add standalone api prompt to CNW (#14886) (4f09949)
  • core: remove unused CLI option from CNW (#14865) (762b9f3)
  • expo: upgrade expo-cli to 6.3.0 (#14944) (51cd35c)
  • graph: show errors from task graph generation (#14924) (0e3d9cd)
  • node: setting docker on app generation should set generateLockfile on target config (#14947) (d0ad53c)
  • react-native: upgrade react native to 0.71.2 (#14908) (9b08a8d)
  • vite: be able to use a custom build target for the preview server (#14951) (2f9978f)

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