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15.7.0-beta.5 (2023-02-09)

Bug Fixes

  • angular: prevent init generator to bump versions and consider installed core packages versions (#14890) (b688412)
  • angular: tidy up supported options (#14793) (829df2b)
  • core: fix migration bugs (#14901) (e48b141)
  • core: use not scheduled task graph to schedule new batches (#14884) (e1a5fc7)
  • devkit: make devkit backwards compatible back to nx 14.1 (#14854) (1d773c0)
  • node: use correct main entry file extension based on project config (#14894) (0f8faa2)


  • core: remove workspace-lint from CI generators and docs (#14895) (9294a4e)
  • node: add default unit test for fastify framework (#14876) (4d21915)

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