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15.7.0-beta.4 (2023-02-07)

Bug Fixes

  • angular: set project root when reading project.json in the adapter scoped host (#14849) (b736d1f)
  • core: fix project locator for built in node modules (#14846) (e7f5855)
  • core: reintroduce misaligned packages check (#14648) (a65ea6e)
  • core: update ensurePackage util with workaround for bad module cache (#14786) (fc20e69)
  • devkit: adjust behavior of the "addDependenciesToPackageJson" function (#14682) (544e8d5)
  • misc: identify workspace schematics correctly using isSchematic option in schema (#14751) (1802e67)
  • vite: do not use merged options for preview's build target (#14815) (8d87654)
  • vite: expose all executors and schemas (#14763) (0e7e76f)
  • vite: resolve dev & preview server promises on process exit (#14812) (b35187c)
  • webpack: don't use deprecated config with isolatedConfig (#14802) (5551fcc)
  • webpack: restore previous build logging (#14801) (6748bc6)


  • core: expand --from versions in migrate command to packages included in packageGroup (#14841) (ad082c9)
  • core: update version of github ci workflow to 0.11.3 (#14819) (06fbb4f)
  • storybook: remove root config files (#14780) (61cadc3)

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