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15.7.0-beta.3 (2023-02-06)

Bug Fixes

  • angular: ensure required peer deps are installed when migrating from angular cli workspaces (#14766) (17aa895)
  • angular: fix issues in the angular cli adapter (7f9eade)
  • bundling: support additionalEntryPoints properly (#14773) (2d56659)
  • core: do not hardcode checks for npm (#14827) (3bb624a)
  • core: fix issues regarding workspace.json migrations (#14833) (2058f54)
  • core: skip-nx-cache should not write to the cache (55b0389)
  • node: quote filepath in cli e2e sample test (#14779) (bc788ff)
  • storybook: typescript config ts-node (#14829) (c2419d0)
  • vite: fix watch schema for build executor to object or boolean i… (#14756) (259d4b2)


  • angular: support nx init for Angular 14+ (#14658) (8477607)
  • core: add prompts and requirements to nx migrations (#14420) (751d02b)
  • core: refactor lock file parsing and pruning (#13864) (b802861)
  • storybook: v7 mainjs new format and remove root config (#14777) (ff3cf72)

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