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15.7.0-beta.0 (2023-01-26)

Bug Fixes

  • angular: make ng add support new configuration handling (#14604) (7b1ed8e)
  • bundling: react-standalone take into account bundler (#14573) (6116460)
  • core: react monorepo account for bundler (#14617) (d637a5e)
  • devkit: always read package version from the actual package in e… (#14623) (243b742)
  • devkit: only install deps with higher version (#14630) (f337641)
  • js: handle standalone projects for buildable js libraries (#14615) (4bbd60b)
  • nextjs: update order of @tailwind directives in @nrwl/react:setup-tailwind (#13429) (6dd6e61)
  • nx-dev: resolve type interface conflicts (#14611) (9d1969e)
  • nx-dev: test additional property for boolean and object (#14646) (e002bd3)
  • react-native: Package path . is not exported from package (#13745) (3eb669b)
  • react: fix nx init so that it works on Windows (#14586) (b9ff264)
  • storybook: react plugin sourcemap type (#14600) (c3de9fd)
  • storybook: react-native tsconfig templates (#14638) (7af4c3f)
  • testing: verify output info exists (#14598) (94dffd1)
  • vite: delete webpack config when converting (#14582) (b01aa84)
  • vite: proper path for main.tsx for standalone (#14575) (fea80af)
  • webpack: omit postcss plugins for css modules (#14616) (5e2f315)
  • webpack: sourceMap option must be a boolean if/when passed to loaders (#14622) (177f1b7)


  • angular: add index html transformer for builder #13368 (#14583) (aaf8cc4)
  • angular: add x-priority to executors (#14543) (d23264f)
  • core: clean up workspace configuration code (d7536aa)
  • expo: add clean option to prebuild executor (#14212) (e8faab1)
  • expo: upgrade expo to 47.0.13 (#14411) (e0198f3)
  • misc: add a command to list projects (d70b9ec)
  • nextjs: Switch custom server's watch option by environment (#13946) (640a13c)
  • react-native: upgrade react-native to 0.71.1 (#14584) (41fc2eb)
  • testing: allow updating jest config nested keys with dots (#13894) (d9c27a1)
  • webpack: add isolatedConfig option to skip automatically applying Nx plugins (#14618) (cd92d10)
  • webpack: migrate to webpack.config file (#14607) (85606a4)

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