yarn @nrwl/cypress 15.4.6

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2 months ago

15.4.6 (2023-01-12)

Bug Fixes

  • angular: do not rename dts file since it is already done (#14218) (fb749ae)
  • angular: keep decorate-cli script for existing workspace usages (#14266) (b7a134b)
  • core: exec should not log usage info when inner command fails (#14237) (0636fe7)
  • core: add default configuration to nx schema (#14298) (37e88c5)
  • core: fix "running target targets" typo (d1acfe0)
  • core: fix dependent projects for watch (#14170) (66df55f)
  • core: run-one should not log undefined as target name on failure (#14238) (06f334d)
  • expo: fix the buildable library (#14142) (74d8a48)
  • expo: fixing version conflict of react (#14144) (cac1f30)
  • js: unique hash for each execution (#14154) (8700c86)
  • storybook: install missing storybook dep (#14305) (7a66359)
  • testing: do not add a duplicate tsconfig.spec.json ref (#14201) (da4e2a5)
  • vite: do not include vitest types in tsconfig.json (#14200) (8d382fb)
  • vite: if no host pass localhost on baseUrl (#14304) (8a5bf6e)
  • vite: move clearScreen and logLevel to the shared options (#14174) (02d1cc8)


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