yarn @nrwl/cypress 15.4.0

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3 months ago

15.4.0 (2022-12-22)

Bug Fixes

  • angular: cache server build (#13933) (2614669)
  • angular: handle not provided path when generating a component without the project option (#13877) (4e54b1a)
  • angular: missing remotes form mf config should not break mf server (#13901) (dc4a123)
  • angular: support target-less projects in update-15-2-0 (#13755) (9ac9491)
  • bundling: pass --force option to vite dev-server (#13905) (49fa93b)
  • bundling: support custom outExtension for ESM and CJS (e.g. .mjs) (#13985) (98ed2ea)
  • core: additional null check when hashing lockfile (#13803) (efa6ef0)
  • core: consult root package.json when resolving peer deps on package generation (#13949) (f3465a9)
  • core: ensure yarn patch and path versions are correct when pruning (#13847) (03be42e)
  • core: fix lock file pruning multiple versions of dependencies (#13915) (c51c178)
  • core: fix lock file pruning optional dependencies (#13830) (a2adf50)
  • core: fix pruning of pnpm lockfiles with github packages (#13875) (20c4782)
  • core: handle local workspace projects in package.json for affected locator (#13728) (65ecd9c)
  • core: ignore angular.json projects if @nrwl/angular is not insta… (#13827) (92d33f9)
  • core: local plugins should work on windows (#13801) (75c34c3)
  • core: move generator should work if there are comments in tsconfig #13740 (#13866) (4f98e37)
  • core: reduce likelihood of ENAMETOOLONG error on windows (#13850) (5eabd6c)
  • core: skip npm nested lockfile key mismatch (#13872) (bbfc0fb)
  • devkit: do not move properties when nx.json doesn't exist (#13825) (3fd1841)
  • devkit: isIncomingVersionGreater should work with prerelease versions (#13805) (8f7feba)
  • expo: update expo peer dependency to 47 (#13780) (6b8d3d6)
  • graph: handle special characters in url parameters (#13836) (9163756)
  • js: revert change to use new lockfile utils (#13962) (84cc1c1)
  • js: unique node execution (#13813) (82d44ad)
  • misc: only gen start/build scripts for standalone projects (7c65787)
  • misc: set schema when converting a project to standalone configuration (#13887) (a049d6c)
  • misc: using normalizePath for tailwindcss config generation (#13936) (87a6a2d)
  • nextjs: ensure no dev deps in prod package.json (#13851) (565652f)
  • nx/react: wrong svg import processing (#12477) (37dc336)
  • nxdev: lower case property alias (#13823) (37135ae)
  • react-native: support React Native buildable libs that do not use SVGR (#13909) (9ac6366)
  • react: default bundler to vite when deprecated buildable option is used (#13857) (99983e9)
  • react: host should use module-federation-ssr-dev-server (#13794) (8ffa9fd)
  • react: load svg component in buildable library (#12226) (6a28842)
  • react: module-federation-ssr-dev-server should use fork (#13791) (61af68b)
  • react: update standalone preset prompt to include vitest and cyp… (#13853) (622070b)
  • react: use correct setup for React SSR with module federation (#13822) (2392b91)
  • repo: fix failing e2e tests (#13855) (0eadfc8)
  • storybook: optional-chain typeName (#13951) (77d8ee4)
  • testing: warn and default if sourceRoot isn't set for ng CT (#13940) (88f860d)
  • vite: add dts to build options (#13934) (3bb773d)
  • vite: better warning message (#13878) (d86026d)
  • vite: change coverage path (#13867) (bb65968)
  • vite: Copy correct package.json when building a library (#13854) (b94c7e5)
  • vite: dont add server config for libs (#13931) (7beee3c)
  • vite: Failing to build when generated library uses jest (#13797) (70e1aab)
  • vite: improve vite configuration (#13978) (6c6fd7c)
  • vite: inform user to add build config (#13876) (4f50b89)
  • vite: set mode in configuration (#13856) (f4802ae)
  • vite: Support fileReplacements for devServer (#13761) (b3ff11f)


  • angular: skip invalid projects or targets instead of erroring when migrating from angular cli to nx monorepo (#13871) (1247e04)
  • angular: support alternate remoteEntry name in dynamic federation #13688 (#13899) (e53303b)
  • core: add missing lock file generation to executors (#13799) (3149b66)
  • core: add the ability to specify multiple targets (8572eed)
  • core: add watch command (#13664) (a1d9c46)
  • graph: add tooltips to docs graph (#13832) (578ecb6)
  • linter: add allowedExternalImports option to boundaries rule (#13891) (d3e2d61)
  • linter: add support for combo source tags (#13817) (5d64b1e)
  • misc: dont generate defaultProject for non standalone workspaces (82fbb98)
  • misc: support interactive prompts for custom presets (#13859) (e38c2d5)
  • react: add cypress e2e for react standalone preset (#13848) (fdd04ba)
  • react: add nx.server.ready message from Node process to any potential parent process (#13808) (8df1834)
  • react: add unit test examples when inSourceTests is passed (#13779) (14c1c16)
  • testing: cypress vite (#13474) (1ef01f8)
  • testing: remove unused dependencies from @nrwl/cypress (#13771) (4f9b9d4)
  • vite: allow user to set their custom target for transform (#13691) (b52b649)
  • vite: configuration updates (#13816) (c3c9b2d)
  • vite: update vite to version 4 (#13800) (002d7f3)

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