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3 months ago

15.2.2 (2022-11-29)

Bug Fixes

  • angular: checks for targets existence before attempting to iterate them (#13287) (3ac2e8e)
  • angular: fix Karma test runner config (#13293) (724d3cc)
  • angular: update make-angular-cli-faster version map with angular 15 (#13297) (31326f2)
  • angular: use the browserTarget to calculate project deps for buildable libs support in the dev server (#13275) (8d56b1b)
  • bundling: fix exclude entries for .lib.swcrc file to exclude spe… (#13319) (8816c51)
  • core: fix showing help for executors (#13393) (2eb1897)
  • core: generated package.json should not include duplicates and optional peer deeps (#13438) (78861e6)
  • devkit: change name schema order in project.json (#13409) (dd5b967)
  • linter: align reportUnusedDisableDirectives default value (#13284) (fb2e47c)
  • misc: add configuration option to print-affected (#13422) (796fd27)
  • misc: axios import breaks when using npx (c127d65)
  • nextjs: check validity of Nx context in withNx plugin (#13358) (9b71c53)
  • nx-plugin: ensure project has eslint available before adding lint checks for migrations.json(#13327) (8729916)
  • storybook: remove polyfill.ts from tsconfig (#13322) (a31aa3b)

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