yarn @nrwl/cypress 15.1.0

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4 months ago

15.1.0 (2022-11-15)

Bug Fixes

  • angular: do not throw errors for skipped remotes (#13100) (8bba6d7)
  • angular: ensure paths are resolved correctly in ng-packagr executors (#13059) (6bc3720)
  • angular: fix failing e2e (#13083) (f432b97)
  • angular: migration should ignore external deps (#13112) (a300c0e)
  • angular: passthrough skip package json option to generators (#13109) (3e867d1)
  • bundling: add missing package.json export field (#13035) (a623e52)
  • bundling: wrong main entry path for cjs in ouput package.json (#12569) (4ae6bc5)
  • core: add globPatternforDependencies support nx:run-commands wi… (#12786) (32bec2a)
  • core: correctly derive the name of the project based on package.json without name (67e032d)
  • core: disable ts-node warning when its using a fast transpiler (#12765) (5ade725)
  • core: do not interpolate unknown options in overrides (#13088) (2b29647)
  • core: explicitly set project names (f136737)
  • core: fix -c alias for configuration (#13001) (3a63b19)
  • core: fix custom workspace-generator options (#12821) (8abc405), closes #12677
  • core: fix lock file mapping for yarn berry (#13026) (383107c)
  • core: fix migrations for projects with package.json configuration (#12977) (ad91dc0)
  • core: fix undefined projectName in tasks runner (#13044) (bcd43cb)
  • core: improve external node dependency mapping (#12996) (2f20807)
  • core: move affected positional arguments args back to util (#12994) (d6c4547)
  • core: prevent incorrect regex replacement of app name (#13082) (6fc4d37)
  • core: provide a plugin which to allow users to opt into package.… (#13070) (cd1b6c6)
  • core: schedule tasks with the most tasks that depend on it first (#12967) (59ed6f1)
  • core: suppress access errors during project file scan (#13031) (f583689)
  • core: update yargs to ^17.6.2 (#12978) (6c6eff7)
  • core: use root version for yarn lock file pruning (#12964) (a146745)
  • core: workspace-generator errors should be propagated to nx (#12955) (e6ff5bc)
  • devkit: use target inference from plugins in readTargetOptions (#13141) (b142f38)
  • graph: improve performance of showing/hiding directories of projects (#12998) (305f694)
  • js: call normalizePath on generated importPath (#13037) (2818f2e)
  • js: patch migration from @nrwl/node:package to @nrwl/js:tsc to rename srcRootForCompilationRoot option to rootDir (#12999) (9cbf9bf)
  • linter: do not remap namespace import specifiers as import specifiers (#12954) (d59bd10)
  • misc: correct "topological" typo in add-nx-to-monorepo(#13014) (8550035)
  • misc: read the version of nrwl packages from project graph (#13118) (f572574)
  • misc: set project names used the old logic including dirs (4ba4bd0)
  • nextjs: error in with-nx.ts (#12973) (4994223)
  • nxdev: adjust title color in light/dark mode on 404 page (#13050) (a8e693a)
  • nxdev: fix the dte link to point to the nx cloud intro page (f12186a)
  • nxdev: related docs recipes not listed (#13162) (4766af7)
  • react: add missing skipPackageJson flag to application generator schema (#13076) (0432279)
  • react: upgrade loader-utils (#13021) (0391b42)
  • testing: handle path offsets for angular component testing (#12863) (5a137d0)
  • testing: provide better error messages around component test --build-target (#12886) (39518e3)
  • webpack: Fixed script optimization not working for node target (#12221) (a690dbd)


  • angular: add skipRemotes option to module-federation-dev-server (#13086) (5bace1e)
  • angular: add withModuleFederationForSSR function (#13172) (e70fd48)
  • angular: remove the share helpers from public api (#13057) (8c7ecff)
  • angular: use share helpers from devkit (#13054) (7c3fab0)
  • bundling: add initial vite plugin (#12969) (8edcdac)
  • bundling: vite init generator (#13062) (c842535)
  • bundling: vite plugin executors (#13032) (8d103f3)
  • core: add includedScripts to allow filtering package json scripts (#13179) (2661582)
  • core: add prune lock file hashing based on the input (#13167) (b924f1a)
  • core: add prune lock file support for npm 2 and 3 (#13120) (fc8de9a)
  • core: add prune lock file support for pnpm (#13155) (af0a18f)
  • core: daemon file watcher (#13068) (a771dc9)
  • core: enable root project by specifying nx: true in root package.json (#13137) (1a8bf77)
  • core: request daemon shutdown (#13034) (4ae9ee5)
  • core: support for nested nx projects (#13074) (da47b0f)
  • cra-to-nx: add option to use vite instead of craco (#13071) (e58278e)
  • devkit: add module federation utils (#13048) (e040433)
  • devkit: extract more common module federation logic (#13066) (40a2d65)
  • misc: show a hint message on how to upload last logs to cloud (3c99ee6)
  • misc: support glob expressions for projects matching in run-many (#11659) (8ad9dd5)
  • react: add a preset to generate a workspace with a single app at the root (c4ebef2)
  • react: add skipRemotes option to module-federation-dev-server (#13090) (f08a3c3)
  • react: cra-to-nx to use PORT from .env file when migrating to Vite (#13116) (41fb76a)
  • react: remove exposed utils (#13079) (efc1005)
  • react: use shared helpers from devkit (#13061) (000eebd)
  • repo: restrict permissions on github actions (#12909) (7f3b994)
  • testing: add vitest (#13129) (54670c9)
  • testing: support cypress 11 (#13075) (37c8483)


  • Revert "feat(module-federation): add module federation package (#12961)" (1ab96b2), closes #12961
  • Revert "feat(module-federation): add and expose share helpers and types (#12989)" (cfd87f0), closes #12989
  • Revert "feat(module-federation): expose additional helpers (#12990)" (7783fe0), closes #12990
  • Revert "feat(module-federation): allow package to be published (#12993)" (b4a98da), closes #12993

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