yarn @nrwl/cypress 15.0.5

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4 months ago

15.0.5 (2022-11-01)

Bug Fixes

  • bundling: add missing css-loader dependency to @nrwl/webpack (#12928) (f345b72)
  • core: revert to the faster message parsing logic (6448274)
  • core: support npm lock file v3 (#12887) (175b74f)
  • core: target project locator should track only hoisted external deps (#12905) (0c52e67)
  • cra-to-nx: use cross-env to ensure Windows compatibility with CRA build script (#12838) (48c6024)
  • js: correctly build library with workspace dependencies (#12884) (2cddd68)
  • linter: improve wildcard import parsing to allow full regex (#12877) (758956d)
  • linter: project with empty onlyDependsOn can only depend on tagless project (#12878) (d58774e)
  • misc: remove -d as alias in generator schema (#12885) (35dd6c9)
  • nextjs: update peer dependency for Next.js 13 (#12866) (e39cb42)
  • testing: use @swc/jest if being used as transformer (#12614) (f3515e4)


  • angular: add webpack-server builder with support for custom webpack config (#12917) (a5d0314)
  • bundling: add support only bundling in workspace libs, not npm packages (#12852) (58b5196)
  • core: properly passthrough flags unparsed to executors (#12890) (145dda7)
  • graph: add button to toggle graph rankDir under feature flag (#12646) (5577bfb)

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