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5 months ago

15.0.4 (2022-10-27)

Bug Fixes

  • angular: support routes as route array type for ast parsing #12707 (#12829) (d34dff1)
  • core: ensure project configuration is saved as standalone when workspace.json isn't present(#12823) (e1e188c)
  • core: fix graph calculation when there are mixed targets (#11418) (edd1415)
  • core: fix print-affected not filtering on target (#12355) (d9a2852)
  • core: increase daemon timeout (#12861) (ee30e96)
  • core: properly serialize override with object arg for command line (#12499) (594c63b)
  • core: skip transitive deps on package json creation (#12851) (c0e5fb6)
  • devkit: names fn constantName (#12683) (e584882)
  • js: only generate shallow dependencies when building with tsc and swc (#12857) (5f584ea)
  • misc: remove unescaped asterisks on library-types doc (#12759) (91e9726)
  • nextjs: specify return type in withNx plugin (#12486) (94edbe9)
  • react: export remoteGenerator (#12563) (6e97c6c)
  • react: fix minification for prod builds in with-module-federation (#12680) (1992ada)
  • testing: cypress 10 migration supports more configuration setups (#12036) (9096d41)
  • testing: handle trailing commas in 14.0.0 migration (#12837) (1d4247c)
  • testing: update jest batch mode (#12764) (cd4e983)
  • testing: update tsconfig.cy.json template file for generator (#12849) (cc55cff)


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