yarn @nrwl/cypress 15.0.2

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5 months ago

15.0.2 (2022-10-24)

Bug Fixes

  • core: globbing for project.json and package.json does not ignore dist correctly (2ed5d57)
  • core: inotify error does not propagate correctly (b403017)
  • expo: fixing broken tutorial link (#12753) (5837715)
  • misc: fix broken tutorial link on npm page (#12766) (9ca75db)
  • nx-cloud: update nx-cloud openapi reference link (#12762) (e4c4fe0)
  • react: fix builder options for storybook plugin (#12276) (13c465d)


  • nxdev: redirects to send legacy tutorial links to new locations (#12752) (8fcc2b4)

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