yarn @nrwl/cypress 15.0.11

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4 months ago

15.0.11 (2022-11-07)

Bug Fixes

  • core: correctly derive the name of the project based on package.json without name (86c5819)
  • core: disable ts-node warning when its using a fast transpiler (#12765) (ba7a850)
  • core: fix custom workspace-generator options (#12821) (8ba21f3), closes #12677
  • core: fix lock file mapping for yarn berry (#13026) (82bc3ba)
  • core: improve external node dependency mapping (#12996) (0d5e4f9)
  • core: schedule tasks with the most tasks that depend on it first (#12967) (2a980c2)
  • core: suppress access errors during project file scan (#13031) (fafa3b4)
  • misc: correct "topological" typo in add-nx-to-monorepo(#13014) (4169a7e)
  • nextjs: error in with-nx.ts (#12973) (cec607b)
  • react: upgrade loader-utils (#13021) (444af2d)
  • testing: provide better error messages around component test --build-target (#12886) (f1db9ce)
  • webpack: Fixed script optimization not working for node target (#12221) (39d197f)

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