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14.9.0-beta.1 (2023-03-15)

Bug Fixes

  • angular: resolve browserTarget options correctly in webpack-dev-server (#15638) (db682bf)
  • angular: set projectName as the default source for relevant generators (#15664) (ca8d24b)
  • core: fix invalid yarn parser dependencies grouping key (#15647) (3f4ba6d)
  • core: fix pnpm hoisted dependencies resolution with hoisted node-linker (#15594) (5937597)
  • core: handle missing package version on lockfile parsing (#15648) (425c134)
  • core: help text shouldn't include .js file extensions on windows (#15677) (a950719)
  • core: ignore missing modules.yaml during postinstall (#15660) (8a0398d)
  • core: include target and configuration being run in env variables (#15668) (63eced7)
  • core: negative implicit dependencies should exclude statically detected dependencies (#15546) (9acd775)
  • core: only perform pattern matching if file input doesn't exist (#15640) (5add52b)
  • expo: fix expo build-list executor and update examples (#15574) (a364252)
  • expo: fix expo run-ios command (#15582) (b7beb99)
  • misc: cli - case in drive letters - windows (#15643) (87a6b30)
  • misc: filter out deps early based on shared config from module federation (#15654) (e2a2703)
  • misc: handle standalone repos when removing nested projects (#15609) (636a74b)
  • misc: move generator should null-check cypress props (#15436) (46bc6af)
  • vite: add configuration option for emptyOutDir (#15619) (ae6dc6b)
  • vite: configuration docs and optional chain targets (#15655) (8e838b5)


  • angular: add directive generator (#15630) (481899c)
  • angular: add pipe generator (#15659) (9cd2858)
  • core: use inputs to determine package dependencies (#13966) (ebdb193)
  • misc: add a link to Nx Console for IntelliJ on React & Angular Nx welcome page (#15617) (a491b35)
  • nx-plugin: plugin presets can now be standalone (#15601) (41f094a)
  • react-native: upgrade react native to 0.71.4 (#15599) (e617593)
  • repo: add new flag for verbose e2e logging (#15541) (7450e72)
  • repo: make granular slack notifications when E2E tests fail (#15462) (3d76f05)

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