yarn @nrwl/cypress 14.8.3

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5 months ago

14.8.3 (2022-10-04)

Bug Fixes

  • bundling: correct main field in package.json when using esbuild (#12328) (7733769)
  • bundling: set NODE_ENV correctly to avoid warnings (#12331) (2f2c7d8)
  • core: disable broken git hasher recourse submodules (#12337) (f54dd1a)
  • core: remove trailing slash in outputs that prevents correct caching (#10708) (c3f853a), closes nrwl/nx#10549
  • core: use node based hasher in git repos with submodules (60f4aca)
  • nextjs: return correct webpack config for next.js storybook app (#12371) (df3cd66)


  • bundling: add skipValidation option when generating rollup/webpack project (#12392) (ea42c9f)
  • misc: a/b different messages during migration to next major (ce0fe45)


  • Revert "fix(nx): git-hasher should fetch files from git submodules (#11334)" (f717303), closes #11334

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