yarn @nrwl/cypress 14.7.14

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6 months ago

14.7.14 (2022-09-27)

Bug Fixes


  • core: add migration and deprecation warning for @nrwl/workspace:run-commands (#12199) (90604d8)
  • core: rework outputs tracking to create fewer subscriptions (10aeb28)
  • nextjs: remove dependency on "@nrwl/next" for the production build (#12247) (50f6cbb)
  • react-native: upgrade react-native version to 0.70.1 (#12124) (2436a5d)
  • storybook: add support for basic test-runner configuration (#11101) (2f91d96), closes #11047


  • Revert "Revert "fix(misc): move library without given importPath should default to contain slashes (#11869)"" (c8de6f1), closes #11869

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