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6 months ago

14.7.0 (2022-09-09)

Bug Fixes

  • angular: emit typescript declaration diagnostics in ng-packagr executors (#11927) (c6520a1)
  • angular: warning logged when generating MF app with no e2e (#11911) (4aa7282)
  • core: add back target defaults for all new workspaces (#11936) (caec117)
  • core: fix process.send will crash the nx runner without check if it is undefined (#11904) (350f71d)
  • repo: remove more things from production fileset and added babel config (#11942) (b582964)
  • storybook: do not add target defaults and named inputs if they are not defined (#11941) (31b1b00)
  • testing: add component-test named inputs (7b52c0d)
  • testing: do not add cypress inputs if namedInputs is not defined (#11943) (8a35f18)
  • testing: move cypress tsconfig to cypress folder (6d0c6a8)


  • angular: allow component options to be passed to standalone library #11702 (#11890) (81b5eeb)
  • angular: share by default some relevant angular packages when using withModuleFederation (#11849) (41af7c7)
  • core: create the daemon socket file in the tmp dir instead of node modules (db74bc7)
  • core: generate inputs configuration for new workspaces (#11856) (292f0c1)
  • core: use daemon to watch outputs to enable cache restoration optimization (0d9dbae)
  • storybook: generate storybook with more framework options (#11914) (ae58c1d)
  • testing: support angular cypress component testing (#11790) (a0904a6), closes #11602

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