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14.6.0 (2022-08-31)

Bug Fixes

  • angular: adds missing types in the schemes of remote and host generators (#11428) (9294b64)
  • angular: change rxjs migration to conditional migration (#11771) (b86ace5)
  • angular: remote entry component template typo (#11707) (3822d83)
  • angular: remote generator should not assume a default host (#11705) (6f0c22f)
  • angular: use x-dropdown for nx console project hint (#11706) (614b2d2)
  • core: Add throw of error if a dependency is not in the graph (#11652) (2d50f35)
  • core: make --verbose consistent with NX_VERBOSE_LOGGING=true (c0dd2f5)
  • core: pass-through ipc messages to and from task processes (#11744) (8b02670)
  • core: project graph should be read from executor context (6948ffd)
  • devkit: convertNxExecutor() should properly emit observables (6fdc123), closes #11653
  • devkit: split-create-tree should use nx cli (#11736) (3ff6809)
  • devkit: support expanded x-prompt object for input prompts (7c8839b)
  • docs: fix typo in github actions setup (#10989) (27f9cc7)
  • linter: add jest to root .eslintrc if selected as unit test runner (#11555) (187f520)
  • linter: target migration version (#11783) (a04b13d)
  • linter: use typescript-eslint 5.33.1 as latest requires ts4.8 (#11773) (bbe7a36)
  • misc: skip projects configured in package.json for adding schemas (#11742) (47045c4)
  • misc: use autocomplete prompt for projects for x-dropdown, project, projectName (9d6e53b)
  • next: add default hostname value to @nrwl/next:server (#11701) (3afb6bf)
  • nextjs: fix .next folder linting (#11614) (89a4013), closes #11541
  • nextjs: fix React 18 detection (#11656) (43b6e1e)
  • nextjs: set __NEXT_REACT_ROOT only when the version of react-dom is 18 or above (#11749) (4dfd0f3)
  • react): fix(react: fix missing integrity tags in production builds (#10949) (36a72c7), closes #10926
  • react: fix webpack node api config error serving a react app (#11580) (34fdbc0), closes #11571
  • react: support older npm version (#11646) (c4a0d85)
  • storybook: change the react native storybook searchDir option to array (#11628) (670d9f1)
  • storybook: ignore addon-postcss from version update (#11801) (835d0ef), closes #11465
  • storybook: remove react typings from angular tsconfig (#11769) (6ea8d0d), closes #11746 #11746
  • testing: handle more complex projects for react component testing (#11725) (c7249db), closes #11372
  • testing: update cypress argument name (#11797) (35744c1)


  • angular: export test runners from package (#11613) (99a3563)
  • angular: migrate versions to 14.2.0 (#11530) (aaeeaed)
  • angular: standalone host and remote generation support (#11708) (c616f62)
  • angular: support library routing setup for standalone routes (#11634) (09112cc)
  • core: add ability to exclude task deps from the task graph (e7c86e1)
  • core: add daemon to the context provided to task runners (1a31018)
  • core: add file completion types for the nx language server (#11669) (e7ec91b)
  • core: better formatting of project-graph related error messages (b6c9c12)
  • core: move git commit from generators to create-nx-workspace (#11633) (15d8325)
  • core: refactor daemon to support longer messages (971bcbe)
  • core: stop agents after build task on CI generated workflows (#11719) (5bb75ba)
  • core: support reading cli args from env (#11721) (d9b9bd1)
  • js: support wildcard/nested tsconfig paths (#11233) (aedcdaf)
  • misc: add task hashes to the output of print affected (#11763) (a312611)
  • nextjs: upgrade to nextjs 12.2.5 (#11665) (646b8c2)
  • node: expose webpack watchOptions to executor (#11453) (86b2015)
  • nx-plugin: thread jest options through nx-plugin:e2e executor (#11442) (4d1acad)
  • react-native: update react native bundle options (#11699) (44d1f2c)
  • react-native: upgrade metro to 0.72.0 (#11480) (519451e)
  • react-native: upgrade metro to 0.72.1 (#11697) (73d748c)
  • react: update package versions (#11667) (77f0508)
  • react: update package versions (#11800) (81c06f8)
  • storybook: add build-storybook to cacheable operations (#11631) (5176ee9)
  • testing: support jest 28 (#10857) (657b2bf)


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