yarn @nrwl/cypress 14.5.3

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7 months ago

14.5.3 (2022-08-04)

Bug Fixes

  • angular: building all projects in webpack-server #11349 (#11455) (e8ad465)
  • angular: cloud init with make-angular-cli-faster (#11458) (15a1d72)
  • angular: hide warnings when reading workspace due to extra properties (#11143) (2dc51d7)
  • core: add -c as an alias for --configuration for affected and … (#10993) (355dc54)
  • core: correctly handle overrides of watch flag for caching (dc46534)
  • core: resolve project files correctly in project graph creation for empty root (#11425) (308fd9b)
  • devkit: do not duplicate dependencies (#10921) (f4ce897)
  • nextjs: remove unsupported cssModules config property (#11405) (ccd6295)
  • react: adjust nx-console related x-dropdown prop name (9c93c90)
  • web: fix json imports in rollup with swc (#11436) (b6bbd41)


  • core: add better detection of long running tasks (8bf9019)
  • dep-graph: add project graph view for nx console (#11153) (eae3d45)
  • nextjs: improve support for custom server (#11325) (e45c2f2)
  • react: update emotion and tailwind versions (#11409) (5d167ee)

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