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14.5.0 (2022-07-28)

Bug Fixes

  • angular: add @angular/localize to list of default packages to be eagerly loaded in mf apps (#11189) (b7a1cd3)
  • angular: amend wrong project name schema options to hint nx console to show a project dropdown (#11097) (9352f2e)
  • angular: do not generate ts path mappings for lazy loaded libs in app tsconfig file (#11125) (1b6e587)
  • angular: do not set a module federation remote project as the default project (#11127) (ba592f8)
  • angular: do not write files unnecessarily in mfe to mf migration (#11126) (8ce1444)
  • angular: emit dts when using entrypoint name as filename in ng-packagr executors (#11032) (bc5c414)
  • angular: update module federation logic to correctly identify workspace libs secondary entry points (#11286) (7db3aac)
  • angular: update package watch version on secondary entrypoint changes when building libraries in watch mode (#11230) (41693f9)
  • core: adjust add and addDev command for pnpm when it is in a pnpm workspace (608ef8e)
  • core: handle specifying a prerelease version without a package when migrating (#11129) (9933d91)
  • core: improve performance of enforce-module-boundaries linting rule on Windows (#11251) (2f0cd86)
  • core: outputs in nx.json targetDefaults is not work (#11157) (f8104d9), closes #11141
  • core: print out configuration for run-many logging (#11228) (b89e321)
  • core: remove eslintrc.json from the package build artifact (#11043) (b8efa77)
  • core: use generator options from nx config (#11006) (d579f94), closes #11004
  • core: use proper package manager when installing package for migration (#11213) (f285446)
  • dep-graph: filter by text correctly during quick inputs (#10986) (fb4e92a)
  • linter: correctly fix absolute imports across package boundaries (8e6a66c)
  • linter: escape dollar signs in filepaths (#11009) (74c3c6c)
  • linter: improve performance of runtime lint utils (#11100) (5194551)
  • linter: update typescript eslint dependency (#11112) (c117ad5)
  • misc: add dotenv as dependencies for plugins that import it (#11167) (96e84ee)
  • misc: make unparsed not required and add smart provider in adapter (#11262) (00ef4c7)
  • misc: show help when no command is passed (#11269) (1a900d4)
  • nextjs: adjust generator reference in Next startup page component (9436a96)
  • nextjs: fix invalid config warning by sanitizing it before passing to Next.js (#11313) (1fef99d)
  • nextjs: set development outputPath to a different one from production build (#11169) (e3d5c53), closes #10312
  • react-native: fix library path in Podfile (#11327) (b4cc8c2)
  • react-native: only add resolverMainFields to metro.config for storybook (#11326) (2b44aaf)
  • react: buildable library sets NODE_ENV correctly (#11294) (4bb8ab1)
  • react: do not set a module federation remote project as the default project (#11128) (2163c54)
  • react: fix typo in testing-library migrations (57a6ebc)
  • repo: explicitly stop all agents on failure (#11123) (8ab6ad4)
  • storybook: adjusted STORYBOOK_ (#11171) (edc9ce1)
  • storybook: change-storybook-targets should not fail if no build (#11038) (01e25ec)
  • storybook: fix schema to read projectName from config (#11098) (a2d9577)
  • storybook: include polyfills in Storybook tsconfig for ngapps (#11136) (943d4ba)
  • testing: update exports for .ts plugin files (#11200) (0cd8d8c)
  • web: fix http-server proxyOptions arg converter (#11309) (5614307), closes #11302


  • angular: add spa option to file-server executor to support reloading client-side routes (#11252) (ea3fe2e)
  • angular: deprecate DataPersistence class in favor of data persistence operators (#11183) (cc6c2f9)
  • angular: deprecate generating e2e tests with protractor (#11254) (d372be0)
  • angular: deprecate syntax option from the ngrx generator (#11184) (6866122)
  • angular: support angular v14.1.0 (#11155) (46ad8c3)
  • core: add ability to use globs as outputs (#10894) (63b74d2)
  • core: allow configuring targets to forward args to its target dependencies (3ce6f35)
  • core: improve graph utils matrix generation (#11226) (5f097b9)
  • core: run-many runs all projects by default (4e292f2)
  • core: update GitHub CI workflow generator to v0.6 (#11068) (16ffa48)
  • detox: add detox config for expo apps (#11104) (38a2d95)
  • express: update express to 14.18.1 (#11190) (764e5b5)
  • js: add --clean/--no-clean option to tsc and swc executors (#11311) (7fd7af3)
  • linter: support transitive hasBannedImport (#11000) (d7bbf85)
  • misc: implement nx repair and prettify migrate output (#11288) (3c2ad25)
  • nest: upgrade nest to v9 (#11120) (421b4d9)
  • next: update next.js versions (#11115) (b042b80)
  • react-native: upgrade metro to 0.71.3 (#11105) (c075e69)
  • react-native: upgrade react-native to 0.69.1 (#11020) (1a96782)
  • react-native: upgrade react-native to 0.69.3 (#11324) (635825e)
  • react: add tailwind setup generator (#11214) (8173887)
  • react: update eslint a11y plugin version (#11279) (3b3d8ff)
  • react: update react package versions (#11168) (39cc96a)
  • repo: add lock file linting to commit check, PR and nightly (#11071) (6186daa)
  • testing: Cypress 10 and component testing support (#9201) (8154191)
  • web: upgrade webpack plugin versions (#11191) (d657f91)

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