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8 months ago

14.4.0 (2022-07-01)

Bug Fixes

  • angular: allow generating scam and exporting them from secondary entrypoints (#10888) (b0205d7)
  • angular: allow generating scam directive and exporting them from secondary entrypoints (#10981) (a9e1fd0)
  • angular: allow generating scam pipe and exporting them from secondary entrypoints (#10977) (748fb82)
  • angular: export component generator (#10883) (c3b7db8)
  • angular: forward --verbose flag to remotes when serving the host with it (#10794) (538190e)
  • angular: ngrx generator should support multiple stores in one buildable library #10900 (#10932) (769d10f)
  • angular: normalize path in ng-package.json when moving a library project (#10925) (f9bb54d)
  • angular: set default project if not set when creating an application (#10789) (ca92b7a)
  • core: correctly handle * in implicitDependencies derived from inputs (43201f2)
  • core: do not attempt to slice leading slash on move if not defined (#10959) (c299234)
  • core: handle removals of dependencies (589637f)
  • core: hasher should handle non existent env vars (40716f1)
  • core: make nx init search against a regex instead of indexOf (36b6456)
  • core: nx Cloud messaging on the wrkspace setup commands (80c5f32)
  • core: return a list of dependents that do not have sourceRoot to calculate glob patterns (#10899) (1afad76), closes #10871
  • core: show meaningful error message when unsupported positional arg set (#10848) (e9a5903)
  • linter: do not break on positional arguments (#10847) (ea91c9f)
  • linter: linter executor should work from other folders than root (#10684) (5b39955)
  • linter: update @typescript-eslint/* deps (a788855)
  • misc: normalize paths when moving projects (#10944) (9e6e01b)
  • nextjs: reorder eslint extension so that local eslint loads last (#10802) (fd98c50), closes #9741
  • nextjs: storybook generator properly supports nextjs apps (#10816) (3d52609)
  • react-native: remove trailing "/" in generated .gitignore (#10827) (1d8369b)
  • repo: add snap files to prod exclude input (#10910) (5c1d69b)
  • storybook: fix support for nextjs and swc (#10828) (26d8376)
  • storybook: pass tsConfiguration option from framework generators to storybook (#10837) (26627e3)
  • storybook: update storybook tsconfig to only include *.storybook files (#10823) (d9bb4ac), closes #9933


  • angular: add entity name to entity model for ngrx classes #10845 (#10853) (251af50)
  • angular: add option to format files with storybook generators (#10909) (8ca7d4b)
  • angular: replace mfe references with mf (#10957) (37072bc)
  • angular: support @angular-eslint/* v14.0.0 (#10820) (08899b1)
  • angular: support ngrx v14.0.0 (#10818) (db16d8a)
  • core: extend the default hasher to support different filesets (6a65101)
  • core: finalize the input api (c52a8c2)
  • core: generalize the notion of filesets to include other inputs (4b85716)
  • core: make npmScope optional (#10018) (62bae5a)
  • core: move workspace configuration computation to daemon (#10860) (5b90514)
  • core: support env vars and runtime deps as inputs (8d4e87d)
  • core: update github action workflow to latest version (#10863) (803333a)
  • linter: use project scoped ESLint cacheLocation (#10590) (274534c)
  • node: update @types/node to 18.0.0 (#10916) (bf11bbf)
  • nx-plugin: add a minimal setup flag to produce an empty nx-plugin (#10718) (c486b30)
  • react: update react package versions (#10915) (7065da3)

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