yarn @nrwl/cypress 14.3.4

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9 months ago

14.3.4 (2022-06-15)

Bug Fixes

  • angular: remove unnecessary unused entry module import from new mf remote apps (#10749) (25b2682)
  • core: Add missing formatFiles to migrations (09baf95), closes nrwl/nx#10665
  • core: runExecutor should set overrides_unparsed to mimic the invocation from the terminal (da1faaf)
  • web: in webpack style-loader should be used when extract-css is false (#10192) (f7a61dc)


  • core: generalize setting target defaults (f86a5ff)
  • react: add generateExportsField option to @nrwl/web:rollup executor so it is an opt-in feature (#10742) (d58eedc), closes #10741
  • web: add named extractCss option (#10710) (63ae3ae)

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