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9 months ago

14.3.0 (2022-06-13)

Bug Fixes

  • core: fix ignore logic and un-expose the functions from devkit (#10703) (0fd3281)
  • core: handle falsy error in params.ts#handleErrors (#10509) (cad9032)
  • core: rearrange the core and npm presets to avoid breaking existing workspaces (fbc14d6)
  • js: check that project's package.json exists before attempting to read its contents (#10650) (a42d681)
  • js: preset should use packages folder (#10691) (6132ad7)
  • nextjs: Fixes Next JS Component generator to export component when export flag is provided (#10699) (550b185)
  • react: update nx generator commands in react sample app (#10680) (6e924c8)
  • repo: reset git index when terminating publishing (#10689) (049435c)
  • storybook: better webpack5 detection logging (#10662) (e29cd09), closes #10585 #9290
  • storybook: ensure required files are copied as assets #10679 (#10694) (9de9cb3)
  • storybook: remove projectBuildConfig from everywhere (#10664) (1fe3ba6)
  • storybook: tsConfig option for storybook angular (#10663) (56dbb0d)
  • web: @nrwl/web:file-server throws 404 after refresh (#9839) (3de1cb6)


  • core: introduce the NX_PROJECT_GRAPH_CACHE_DIRECTORY to allow separating it from the computation cache (#10693) (1937deb)
  • core: provide a way to handle get unparsed args in the executor (5c49345)
  • core: support nested ignore files (#10455) (36d8ee2)
  • core: throw graceful error in runNxMigration() if no collection (#10655) (1e90413)
  • next: update package versions (#10658) (f95b1c3)
  • web: added javascriptEnabled option for @nrwl/web:rollup (#8327) (c421324)

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